Wow, It’s Time…

What a stressful week, getting ready to go.  It kept being; “one more day” and then “maybe tomorrow…”.  Always one more thing that needed to get done.  Ready to go?  Not quite, the head just clogged.  Two days and ten feet of new hose later; “Uh, I think it’s going to work now”.  So hard to anticipate what you’ll need for a year or more.  The answer; “no-one really knows.  Just go!”

So, with that mantra in mind, we ARE leaving tomorrow (Sunday) morning.  8AM.  Sitting here right now after a nice break having a farewell cocktail with Mom and Dad and daughter Kelly, who also stayed for dinner.  Right now, we’re filling the water tank and doing some final packing.  Actually storing.  We’re finding places we didn’t know existed and stuffing “this and that” into the little cubby-holes.  Ann figured out that there was two inches of room underneath the three drawers in the main cabin floor and bought some low profile cases where we’re storing all kinds of stuff from emergency antibiotics to extra toothpaste.

Well, that’s it for now; we’re exhausted.  We’ll be starting to blog with more frequency once we get out on the “deep blue”, which would be tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Wow, It’s Time…

  1. Fair winds and following seas Bob and Ann. Sandy and I are new to BYC and just recently bought our C380, S/V Mary Emma, and put it in a slip at Berkeley. We hope to be following in your footsteps sometime in the next few years. Until then we will follow along through your blog. Thanks and bon voyage.

  2. And a Catalina 380 is a nice boat to be doing that in. Thanks for the kind words, we’ll be looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts as we progress on the trip.

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