Where’s Charisma?

As of September, 2015, Charisma made the over 7000 mile voyage from New Zealand via Tahiti and Hawaii to the Pacific Northwest.  In 2016 we spent the season cruising the British Columbia coastline.

Final update:  As of 2017 Charisma has been sold.  You’ll likely see her in the San Juan’s and beyond as we sold her to a lovely couple in that area.  Ann and I have loved the past five plus years living aboard, but after visiting Mexico, transiting the South Pacific and a season in the PNW, we had seen/done what we’ve always wanted to do.  Now time to move on to other things.  So…we bought a pickup and travel trailer and are currently “land-cruising” the US to see what’s out there.


7 thoughts on “Where’s Charisma?

  1. Greetings Ann and Bob!

    We stayed at Peter’s Lodge on the Otago Rail trail with you and we’re the tandem riding dynamic duo! It was lovely to meet you both and you sold your travels and particularly your Fiji experience so well, that we felt we had to get in touch! Where in the world are you now? We are currently making our way down the East coast of Australia, which will culminate in Melbourne, where we meet up with Eva’s sister. Then our next exciting move is to visit Fiji and we’re wondering whether you could pass on some of your wisdom and inside-knowledge about how best to see the people and the islands. Our flights are booked to arrive into Nadi on the 14th June and we have a month before our flight out. We would love to hear from you.

    Eva and Natalie

  2. How wonderful to hear from you guys! Send me your info at justann13@gmail.com so we can get you some great info and possible contacts.
    We are in New Zealand prepping Charisma for the long trip home, we are in Whangarei on the North Island!

  3. Hey kids, it’s wendie here. Sure hoping y’all will update us soon on your adventures. Our weather has been sour so we could use cheering up listening to some off shore braggin.
    Want to thank you for the BOI charts as were heading up there to Opua next week. Jim may stay there to get some electrical work done on her by a mate he knows. While Im in Aussie for two weeks .(Id rather be here) Still be nice to catch up with family.
    How many days did it take you to reach settled weather. Its got to be warmer were you are than here. Regale us please with stories to excite the soul. Well watch on this site for you. Cheers. Wendie Rafferty, JAGA II

  4. Are you guys available to show your boat to another Tayana couple. We will be visiting family in Tacoma this coming weekend. No worries if its too short notice

  5. Bob

    I heard Charisma is up for sale. What is the status. I enjoy your blog and the site on your boat.


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