About Ann

Until she met Bob, Ann’s life was about her kids — Stephanie, Greg and Andy — and numbers. Now it’s kids, Bob, sailing, with some numbers thrown in. Ann left her job at JStokes Agency, where she met Bob, to join him on this trip of a lifetime. She’s become quite the Gilligan to Bob’s Skipper, even enjoying the midnight watches. Let the adventure begin!

4 thoughts on “About Ann

  1. So glad to have met you both, Anne & Bob! We will be reading your blog and wishing that you were making us some “charismas” on our next leg of our travels!

  2. Hi Kiddo,
    It was very good to hear from you! So excited for you, your new beau, and your sailing and diving adventures. Really enjoying reading all about your exploits, too. Next time you are on dry land and in our area, give us a call–would LOVE to see you, again:) Roby

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