Out The Gate

Finally! Left today at 0900 with many thanks from our group of “well-wishers” who came (I think they heard my Mom was bringing donuts). Anyway, thank you all for coming.
A great day. Many porpoises joined forces to wish us “bon voyage” as we passed under the Golden Gate Bridge. A foggy start, but as we went under the bridge, the sun and blue sky broke through for a fantastic departure into the Pacific.
Today’s trip was modest. We’re just meandering down the coast. Day tripping so as to get into the swing of cruising without getting thrown into the deep end all at once. So…we are in Half Moon Bay Harbor, anchored outside of the marina proper, but inside the breakwater. Ann’s chopping onions for a sausage/tomato pasta. Pretty nice snugged in here. Tomorrow, Santa Cruz (or thereabouts).
(This post brought to you with the wonder of iPad with 3G service).

8 thoughts on “Out The Gate

  1. Bob forgot one glowing highlight of the first leg—neither of us was sea sick!
    We just finished dinner and went up on deck just in time to see the almost full moon! More friends wishing us a safe journey! We are so blessed to have all of you behind us. Thanks again for all of your help!

  2. Well, great to see you finally got out yesterday. Hope your journey is everything you hope! Can’t wait to hear about all of the adventures through your blog and at Christmas! Hopefully we can plan to see you in the South Pacific in the spring. Safe travels!

  3. Bon Voyage!!! I was selfishly hoping that you wouldn’t get out until Monday so i’d have the opportunity to come down and see you off. I’m saying prayers for smooth sailing and wonderful adventures!

  4. We all talked about your departure at Spin this morning, Ann. Our best wishes and prayers for a safe ans wonderful trip are with you. Looking forward to updates.

  5. Wow, I hate to miss free donuts, but as you know, I had a good excuse. How was the pasta? Good tomato sauce??

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