Crazy, Crazy, Crazy (by Ann)

Here we are T minus six days (if the weather holds) and things are getting wild. The last week was spent finishing up my job of sixteen years at JStokes, while trying to get down to the marina to put in some quality time prepping Charisma.

As of tonight I have cleaned and shined all but four “holds” on the boat. We figure that we will clean everything out and then start provisioning.  Cleaning everything out includes compacting Bob to fewer drawers so that I can have at least one to hold my 12 allowed items of clothing (including my underwear!) just kidding – I think get more items. Meanwhile at home I am packing up my bedroom. I’ve lived in that room for 28 years! Hard to pack it up – but why am I whining? I’m leaving for the trip of a lifetime! And I am very excited about it.

I am amazed at what it takes to prepare for such a long adventure. I have legal issues to address, animal issues, heck, kid issues too! The lists have kept me up late at night often, until my dear friend, Karin, convinced me to prioritize and focus on the trip. Thank you , Karin!

Thank goodness that Chuckie has been helping with our HaHa costumes. Tinker Bell is done and will be a show-stopper, Peter Pan is done, Captain Hook is close and the crocodile is almost done. Thank God for Chuckie’s help.

And the week was filled with parties! Family, friends and work. I am truly blessed and am loving all of the good wishes. Soon this blog will be from the water! Thanks for all of your support. Please, live vicariously with us!


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