Santa Cruz Yacht Club Hospitality!

We spent another relaxing day doing small projects preparing for our departure from Santa cruz tomorrow morning. It was a gorgeous day filled with a lot of swell (waves) coming into the harbor. Wisely Bob decided we would wait until tomorrow to head to Santa Cruz Island (off Santa Barbara).

I got in another fun run up to the Boardwalk while Bob again did some small projects.

Then we joined friends at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club for a barbecue. Great people. A foreshadowing of the fun people we are yet to meet!

Watched a string of boats go out for a fun Wednesday race. A beautiful sight to see. And again the full moon guided us out to the lighthouse on a lovely evening walk.

Our next leg is a 40 hour overnight – a test of our two-man ability. We will check in with you when we get back to land!

5 thoughts on “Santa Cruz Yacht Club Hospitality!

  1. Aloha,
    We are back from Maui and I just caught up on your blog, plus got an update from Jack….
    Hope you have a great 40 hours!

  2. What a great, eventful start of a glorious trip.. not sure if I would enjoy as much as you, but Jack is thouroughly enjoying all the nautical details!!! Can just imagine the wind and the waves…take good care and yes we are living vicariously thru you so be sure to have a wonderful time for us!! Love, J & L

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