Walking along, strumming a song…

Today we spent a relaxing, restful day enjoying Santa Cruz.

I started my day with a fun jog around the harbor and out to the lighthouse. I was watching for Ha Ha flags on boats but found none. What I did find was a young guy walking along strumming his guitar. The epitome of Santa Cruz relaxation.

The Captain was not quite so relaxed. He spent his morning doing some the minor items on our list that we had not gotten to before leaving Berkeley. (captains have the tougher jobs).

We are docked next to Gandalf, the boat that Bob races on here in Santa Cruz. One of Gandolph’s owners, Bob Dewitt picked us up for a delicious lunch at a local golf course. And on the way back to the dock he dropped us by The Dollar Store to find a few more items. Great lunch. Thanks for the taxi service, Bob.

We went out to the lighthouse nearing sunset. The lure of a cocktail on the wharf convinced Bob to continue the walk down the beach. We watched the sun set from the restaurant and were thrilled to see a gorgeous full moon that guided us back to the harbor. We spent the whole walk turning back to see the sun’s final kiss goodbye and then turning around to glow in the full moon. Full moons let me know those that are no longer with us will always be watching. So glad they can enjoy this too!

2 thoughts on “Walking along, strumming a song…

  1. Ann — so glad to be hearing you’re finally out to sea and that you are enjoying the sailing (maybe not the day it rained so much). I will be checking back on your progress and stories. Cheers!

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