Scanmar (Monitor) Is The Best

Scanmar is the company that makes our Monitor wind vane (affectionately known on Charisma as “Wilson”).  They not only make a great product – it’s the only “autopilot” on our boat and steers 99% of the time – but their customer support cannot be surpassed.

Late last week, in continuing to get Charisma ready for our long 2015 voyage back to the US, we brought out the vane part of the wind vane (which is kept in the cabin when not in use) and discovered that it had cracks up each side of the strengthening dowels inside the vane.  We suspect the cracks are not a fault of the company’s but due to the fact that we keep it under the cabin cushion when not in use.  In other words we sit on it.  Well, even though it’s lasted through five years that way, we’re not going to do that anymore.  But more to the point we have very little time until we leave and needed  both new vanes – the standard and the heavy weather one – and were wringing our hands worrying about how long it might take.  I sent an email to Monitor and almost immediately across the time zones, received a reply.  “In stock, will ship out the next business day”.  Wow!  And it really did.  Today I got the UPS shipping notice and it should be here in about a week.  No problem, no worries.  One of the best companies we have worked with.  Highly recommended!

P.S.  A big shout out to Susy at Scanmar for taking such good care of us!

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