Corner To Corner

I think that’s one of the reasons we’re paying extra attention to the little things that leak. We’re about to sail from the lower left of the Pacific to the upper right. In miles, 10,000 probably isn’t too far off. Little leaks add up to big ones over such distances.

So, a couple more pictures of today’s bolt rebedding project.

Here's the jib track and fitting one of the screws.

Using a syringe to really get the bedding compound deep into the joint.

Couldn't help buying some of this. If a leak shows up while we're underway, I've heard this works-at least temporarily. Besides, how can you resist a name like that?

One thought on “Corner To Corner

  1. Love that name Creeping Crack Cure. Pair it with Gorilla Glue and you could probably prevent earthquakes!

    Boy, that last screw was a bastard indeed. Good thing you had that feisty wench aboard. Speaking of that grand lady I’m sending you an email with a cartoon that reminded me of her.

    I think your abundant caution of leaks is well justified. May they be few and very minor. I remember the one you had coming back from Mexico when you felt the boat wasn’t feeling right.

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