Closer, Closer, Closer…

But not there yet.  We have two coats yet to go on the varnish, but the clouds make each day “touch and go”.  If I varnish and it rains, it’s ruined.  Two days ago it rained.  Fortunately it was late at night and didn’t wreck the varnish.  Today, was potentially coat #2, but the forecast was for some showers in the afternoon.  I spent a “while” on the online weather apps and decided to “go for it”.  Turned out a good decision.  We’ve got another coat on-two to go.  I’m getting burned out by all the boatwork, so we’ve decided that after these last two coats, we’re going to take a couple days off and go somewhere.  Will be nice to get away for a bit, but there are still projects!

Anyway, here’re a few pics of what we’re up to:

Here's 1/2 of the varnishing. I can do the port side on the dock, but the starboard side is "all dinghy". Very tough on the back muscles. I'm taking a LOT of aspirin.

Our 'comic' relief. "The Girls" or as Ann calls them; "Thelma and Louise". These two female geese hang around here. All Ann has to do is call; "hey girls" and they fly over, crash land and start honking like crazy looking for a handout. They are hilarious!

And one last thought on the engine front:  my worst expectations came about on the injectors.  The engine guy came down to the boat yesterday and said (rather sheepishly) that the nozzles were so far out of spec they couldn’t be repaired.  New nozzles times four!  So, $900 later we’re the proud soon to be owners of completely rebuilt diesel fuel injectors.  Oh well, better that that breaking down in the middle of nowhere like our friends on Hana Hou.  Cost them over $3000 to rebuild theirs!

One of the guys on the dock reminded me today of the definition of cruising:  Repairing your boat in exotic places!.  Nuf said.

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  1. Sounds like Bob is doing all the hard work and Mom is just out playing again! I have to say I am not at all surprised that she has befriended the geese and wants to invite them over for snacks

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