Rainy Night In Whangarei

So…no varnishing today.  Instead I worked on the electronics.  The old (crappy) B&G system that gave up the ghost is being replaced by a new Raymarine set of i70 instruments.  I spent way too much time trying to find some relevant tech data on the B&G wiring codes (which was the “green” and what does the “red” do?) and finally just dug in.  Well, the good news is that I have now connected the old NMEA 0183 system to the new Raymarine NMEA 2000 SeaTalkNG system.  Used an Actisense converter based on Raymarine information and it works!  I’m now trying to get the GPS data working but that’s for another day.  Happy it’s progressing though.

...and the blue wire connects to the...oh hell, I don't know what it goes to...

And now some news from Ann…

Made it to the top (again)

Looking down on Whangarei

God bless, Bob!  Sometimes I feel guilty hiking but someone has to see the countryside. Actually there is a fabulous hike up the Pariheke Reserve which is right across the road from the marina that rewards you with a great view of Whangarei and the river itself.  Hard hike.  The local firefighters are using it to train for a fundraising event in May where they trudge up the sky tower in Aukland.  We just hope to make it to the top smiling!  Fortunately for me, Lisa (pictured above) and Anne from Blue Rodeo like to hike!  I can’t wait to take Bob up to see the view.  Soon.

After our hike today the girls and I spent the day wandering through dress shops in Whangarei looking for a “lovely frock” for the wedding.  Styles here are very odd.  No success today but I haven’t given up!

I do all of this to keep out of Bob’s way…  kind of!  Truthfully I can’t wait for him to come play too!

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