On Our Way South

Well, actually east, but it seems like it should be south unless you look at a map.

Anyway, we finally wrenched ourselves away from the very lovely company of our new friends Glenda and Gordon.  Seems like we’ve known them forever.  Well, eleven days at least, eh?

Thank goodness our starter issue kept us in Secret Cove (shhhh) so we could enjoy the awesome hospitality these two offered. Such a fun stop…not expected when you are having boat issues.

Last night was a fitting final night at their house.  At sunset while sipping Charismas on their deck, we watched a bear in the woods just below us climb up a neighbor’s apple tree, break the branch, fall to the ground and contentedly munch on the apples that surrounded his fat butt!  We watched that show until dark, then started our BBQ.  While I was cooking flank steak marinated in ginger and stuff – along with asparagus in salt, pepper and olive oil on the barbie, Gordon whispered, “Deer”. (See how close we’ve grown!)  A quick look along the side of the deck and…a four point mule deer!  Huge!

All the wild animal excitement was followed by yet another lovely evening with those two.  We will dearly miss them.

But, onwards and eastwards.  We are now heading toward a rendezvous with our friends Carol (who we first met in Nuie and has flown in from the UK), and Karen and Jim formerly of Sockdolager (see our blog of 2012, “Escape from Aitutaki”) who now live in Port Townsend.  Complicated to explain, but a wonderful reunion as we head towards meeting them in Karen and Jim’s new boat “Raven” in the San Juan’s.

Whew, that’s about all I can describe as Ann and I just had a great fresh oyster dinner where we’re moored tonight and tomorrow (heavy rain in the forecast) in Gibson Harbor at the entrance to Howe Sound, about 20 miles north of Vancouver.

And that’s quite enough geography for the day.

One thought on “On Our Way South

  1. Fixing a starter problem usually is not a whole lot of fun and giggles. You managed to turn it into a really wonderful experience. I’d call that a magic trick. Glad you are up and motoring.

    Sounds like you are back in civilization. And you’ll have some time to read a good book while watching the wind and rain. This sailing adventure is sure a lot different from your last one.

    Enjoy on, enjoy on sailors……

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