S/V Charisma For Sale

Well, we’re not quite finished with our voyage, but in anticipation of putting Charisma on the market when we’re back in Oct, we have prepared a web site that details all her specs for anyone who is interested. Please feel free to pass the link along to friends.


We’ll still blog our last couple weeks as we move south through Vancouver (the city) and then the San Juans with our planned completion approximately Oct 1st

3 thoughts on “S/V Charisma For Sale

  1. Oh man! After all you’ve been through with Charisma this must be a bittersweet day. A little like selling a family member. I hope she ends up in a wonderful home.

    It’s not even my boat but I’m sad just thinking about it.

    Adventure on, adventure on sailors…….

  2. I thought the plan was for another season up north…wow what an end of an era..so will it be land travel now or settling down somewhere?

  3. Oh, no! What will we land lubbers drink our morning coffee to if no more “Sail Charisma” blog? Are you retiring from sailing or buying something bigger?

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