Roscoe Bay – Second Day

(from shortwave radio – will add pics when we have internet)

So, it rained all the first day we were here and all night. We decided to stay an extra day so we could climb the mountain – which is what we did today. 8 mile round trip and 2200 vertical feet. Was very worth it though. Amazing views from the top. To the south we could see all the way to Texada Island and Naniemo, to the west – Vancouver Island and Cortes Island. North and east were mostly blocked by trees, but we could see some bits of Waddington Channel and northern Vancouver Island. Definitely a fun hike/climb. Very steep at points. At the top there was a cairn with a couple jars stuffed with scrapes of paper with people’s names and notes who made it to the top. The oldest we saw dated back to 2011, but that was just from the tops of the jars. Anyway, we added our names and took a few moments for a nice snack, then back down. 4 hours round trip and the bonus – the cherry trees at the bottom. We collected a Tupperware full of beautiful, ripe, wild cherries. YUM!

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