Rainy Day Move To Von Donlop Inlet

Yup, a rainy day. Actually we avoided the rain all afternoon until we just made the entrance to the inlet, then it dumped. We anchored in the rain and it’s been raining since (about the last four hours). Possible thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, but who cares! We’re not on the ocean!!

Our main problem right now is the alternator seems to have quit. The starter battery is low, but fortunately the house bank is good for now giving us lights and refrigeration. What we need is some sun tomorrow so the solar panels will charge the starter battery. For our “boat geek” friends – I have the starter battery on a “Echo Charger” that charges it anytime the house bank is getting more than 13 volts. So that’s what we need, enough sunshine to produce the needed 13V. Oh, well, we’re nice and tucked in and have time to figure out how to fix it. We just need to get enough charge to start the engine at which point I might be able to “excite” the alternator and get it charging again (did that with the old one when it went wonky a few years back). If not, we’ll have to try and get to Campbell River on Vancouver Island, where we can likely get a new alternator. In any case, there are a couple other boats here and there’s a trail from near where we’re anchored down to Squirrel Cove where we can hike and then get a ride down to the Ferry to Vancouver Island, so fortunately we have a lot of options. We’re just a little shy of good internet, so can’t yet post pictures of the last few days – which were gorgeous!

So…a little interruption on our adventure. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Rainy Day Move To Von Donlop Inlet

  1. Fresh salmon and oysters, yum! Do you have any idea about how old the petroglyphs are? Or the people that may have made them?

    I think all these island mountains could use good, simple chair lifts to facilitate sight seeing.

    Seems like it’s raining a lot. Was that expected? Is it more like afternoon showers or all day down pours?

    Good luck with the generator. I’ll root for two days of clear and bright sunshine to get those solar panels working.

    Are you getting any news from the U.S.? Not very good. Greatest massacre in our history happened in Orlando. American born Afgan used an AK-47 at a LBGT dance club – 60 dead, 40 injured.

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