Roscoe Bay

Sent via SSB. We have no internet – will post pics later

We went over here yesterday. This is an interesting place for two reasons. To get to the inner bay you have to transit over a mudflat that dries at zero tide. That means at high tide, we need at least 6.5 feet for Charisma to get into the bay. Luckily for us, the high tide here is around 10 or 12 feet, so “theoretically” we can get into the bay with a few feet to spare. Yeah, we’ve heard that before.

We left Prideaux Harbor (Melanie Cove) about an hour before high tide. We were four miles away, so at six knots, we should be able to get here before high tide. We did indeed reach the outer cove before high tide. We very sloooowly went over the bar with a one knot current sucking us inward. Very carefully we watched the depth sounder go from 50 plus feet to 20, 15, 10 then 9 feet – which means less than three feet under our keel – not a lot of room for error, but we did it. Once past the shallow narrows, we saw 20, then 30 and we were in. Whew! Such a lovely cove inside. We’re very glad to be here. Once anchored and settled, we lauched Ann’s paddleboard and she set off to explore the cove.

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