There must be whales….PS (by Ann)

I realized when talking to my sisters on the phone that I left out a very important background detail to the whale post. Yes, it was spectacular. So incredible to see but in the back of my mind I was remembering one of the last seminars we attended before leaving Mexico to cross the Pacific. The Pacific Puddle Jump group provided numerous seminars to help us prepare for the crossing. This talk was given by a woman who had sailed down the coast of California. On the way they found themselves suddenly surrounded by humpback whales.

They had not intended to be there and the whales were frightened. One whipped his tail and took out the rudder on the boat. They attempted to block the hole while calling for help but it did not work. The boat sunk in 15 minutes. This story kept going through my brain as I watched these magnificent creatures. So close to our finish…but I wanted to get there safely!

Yes, it is good to no longer be a little speck on a big ocean. But what an adventure!

One thought on “There must be whales….PS (by Ann)

  1. What a beautiful place you are in. Victoria, San Juans….gorgeous, just gorgeous. And a perfect place to relax and regenerate. So kick back, have a charisma or two and do a little Zen breathing.

    That whale/rudder story is so Moby Dick. Very glad you worked your way out of the potential danger. But what a great tale to tell all your grandkids! All these gigantic whales charged the boat and…. 🙂 Very cool.

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