Boat Work Never Stops

Just when you think…oh never mind.

Ann’s up in the BBQ area doing some sewing to repair some of our canvas stuff.  It’s easier to spread everything out on the tables and now that we’re back in the US we can use our sewing machine off the boat (120 volt here – 220volt everywhere else in the South Pacific).

Sewing in the parking lot - no - it's the BBQ area up near the parking lot.
















So, the last thing on my list was emptying the lazarette to do a couple projects.  Re-attach the corroded leads on the hydro-generator and check the fluid level on the transmission.  While down there I notice a fine salt film covering the transmission.  Uh, oh…I turned on the engine to see what was going on and saw saltwater bubbling out of the exhaust water mixer.  This is the set of pipes that pass saltwater through engine baffles for cooling and then pass it out through the engine exhaust.  Crap!  This area is very difficult to get into much less use tools in.  Very cramped and right now down in the lazarette it’s gotta be 100 degrees!  Anyway, it has to be fixed so here’s a look at the problem.

The dreaded lazarette. First I have to squeeze down this thing - it's about five feet down to the engine.

Yup, down there...

...then in there - yeah, that hole. You go down here feet first, then you have to contort your feet/legs the other way around and get one arm at a time in throughout the hatch since my shoulders won't fit in all at once.

Once inside the elbow thing on the left with the white heat tape on it had to unbolt from the engine and the two hoses and muffler.
















Turns out the hose was rotten too. One of the clamps broke and the ends of the hose crumbled off.

It’s always a bit dishearting to find “new projects” like this, but at the same time this was a big problem just waiting to cause a major failure, so I’m glad I found it here where it’s relatively easy to fix.

The update is that I took it to a local welder.  He tried to weld the pin-hole and a broken weld on one of the pipes, but the material was toast and wouldn’t hold together.  So…now we’re waiting for some stainless steel pipe which should arrive on Monday and probably a very large bill.  Sigh.

Just read this post anytime you fantasize about owning your own boat, then go rent one for the day, have fun and go home knowing that the maintenance is someone else’s problem    😉

(Just kidding)

Took more than an hour to pry this thing loose, but it's finally out.

While cleaning it up I found a pin-hole in the metal. At least now I know what's causing the leak.



One thought on “Boat Work Never Stops

  1. I think I’d choose to run through squalls rather than clamber down a tiny hole into a cramped, hot space and fight with crapped up pipes and hoses. You didn’t notice Alice or the white rabbit down there did you? If you do see Alice ask her about that shrinking trick.

    Gotta love your sixth sense for finding little problems before they morph into nasty monsters.

    Someday when you guys are off the boat you gotta open a charming little BBQ/Quilting place. Just cuz.

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