Today’s Project Is…

…New batteries!

The batteries have been acting a bit suspicious lately, and finally I decided that even though they seem charged, they just don’t hold their power capacity anymore. They are deep discharge lead acid batteries and are almost four years old. That’s about the lifetime of that type of battery, especially under tough conditions (many deep cycles), so I figured why take a chance on them giving us trouble waaay out in the South Pacific. Only problem is down here in Enzed, batteries are just about worth their weight in gold because they are shipped in from somewhere. In this case, Trojan T-105 marine batteries come from…the U.S.! So I had to pay almost 3X what they would cost in California.

Oh well, peace of mind…

Oh yes, lots of fun with cables. This is bank #2

And we don't want to leave out Bank #1. I hope I get all the wires and cables back in the right places!

One thought on “Today’s Project Is…

  1. Hey, this is a boat project I could actually do. I’ve always enjoyed wiring stuff. No messy, greasy parts. No sanding, filing, or filling. No digging or hauling.

    I’m sure you got all the wires in the correct place because you used the cell phone to take a picture before taking it apart or drew a diagram or labeled the wires. Right? Of course.

    Peace of mind indeed. Better safe than sorry is the only way to go adventuring. Worth whatever the cost. Good call.

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