Waiting, Waiting, (and working)

Oh, it never stops. Either you’re out sailing to some remote spot or you’re waiting for a weather window to allow you to go. If you’re waiting for a weather window, then you’re sitting around with nothing to do but work on the boat. Boat “improvements”, as it were.

Such it is now. Because it will be at least a week before there is a window between nasty little (and not so little) storms blowing through, we’re sitting here in Whangarei going; “well, we could fix this thing”. We have a week or so to cool our heels and have thus “found” two weeks worth of boat projects we could work on.

And, so it goes.

Alas, it’s the calculus of boat ownership.

(Hint: looks like round about the 19th or so we’ll think about leaving. I’ll also post a couple notes about our proposed course/timing in the next few days).

2 thoughts on “Waiting, Waiting, (and working)

  1. Sounds to me like a perfect chance to pamper yourselves a little. Do a little reading. Lie in the hammock. Take a nap or two. Listen to some music. Relax. Do some Zen breathing/meditating. Play cards. Listen to the breeze. Make love. Count the stars. And do a boat project or two.

    Better than being stuck in a traffic jam, I say.

  2. Yes, better than a traffic jam! Perspective is everything. Thanks for the chuckle!

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