Salty Bugger

The winch that is.

Yup, it’s winch maintanence time. Glad I did it. Several of the mast winches showed signs of clogging from dried salt. There’s nothing like strapping in to go up to the mast in 30-plus knots of wind and high seas at 0330 on a “dark and stormy night” to reef the main only to find the winch is jammed. Hopefully we can avoid that with a little preventative maintanence.

Winch cleaning day!

3 thoughts on “Salty Bugger

  1. Aaah; a good salty wench on a dark and stormy night! Oops. Got my winches confused. I thought maybe you were referring to the first, and best, mate.

    According to the Urban Dictionary a wench is, “A voluptuous female pirate type woman, usually with a fiery attitude, and usually seen around taverns and bars, seaside fishing towns, and wherever pirates roam.” Sounded a lot like Ann to me. 😀

    Speaking of sticking winches, don’t you carry WD-40 on your hip in a holster so you can go around shooting everything that needs it?

    Here’s to a smooth and boring shake down.

  2. Arghhh matey. A good winch wench is worth her weight in gold.

    And winches need grease for their bearings. WD 40 gets slathered on lots of other stuff though.

  3. I hear the word winch and I immediatedly think of Ann, fiery with attitude all rolled into one. So Bob, how do you handle such a creature? Greasings and new bearings just doesn’t seem quite up to muster. Looking forward to your shakedowncruise.

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