Almost There

Boat project wise, that is. The long list is almost done.

Page one of two. Almost all are crossed off. Now we just need a weather break to go for a shakedown. Rain this weekend and next. Maybe after that.

On another subject, we were delighted to have lunch today with Bright Angel Bob and Linda! They were up from Gulf Harbor where Bright Angel is getting new teak decks. So great to see them and catch up!

One thought on “Almost There

  1. Geez captain Bob, you really are becoming a master carpenter. What you need is a full fledged wood shop stuck in a cabin corner someplace. LOL

    Good to see all those items crossed off on your list. I’ve stopped making lists because they got longer faster than I ticked them off. Since I can only keep a couple things in my head, now it seems like I’m making great progress when I get to one or two.

    Does anyone just buy a couple cases of MREs instead of going through the tedium of meal self production?

    When they checked the rigging did they find any crows in the crow’s nest?

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