Paddleboarding The Straight of Georgia

Well, maybe not the WHOLE straight, but today was such a nice day we jumped on the boards and paddled out so we can say we paddled there. Charisma is tucked in a little cove in Blind Bay, just south of Jervis Inlet. Such a nice spot! Granite walls, trees, lots of little coves, few other boats. And sunshine with no wind. How could we not want to jump on our boards and paddle out?

Tomorrow we head south to Secret Cove. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. It’s, well, you know…

Anyway, we’re meeting up with our new friends Glenda and Gordon, who we met in Shoal Bay a couple months ago on our way north. They live about five minutes from the little marina there and have graciously offered to host us for a day or two. We’re really looking forward to seeing them after the great time we had together in Shoal Bay.

So, we leave early tomorrow – an early start – around 0700, since the SE wind is supposed to come up by noon. We need to make the twenty or so miles south before the wind comes up.

One thought on “Paddleboarding The Straight of Georgia

  1. Playing the ole beat the wind game, eh? Early to bed, early to rise, makes a sailor happy and wise. A shout out to whoever penned the original that I have just usurped.

    Sounds like you guys are in complete and utter relaxed mode. Just chillin’ the days away. Sounds great.

    Have you given up the fishing? Crabbing?

    Onward relax, onward relax sailors…….

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