Leaving Port McNeiil

We’re moving on today.  Heading to Hanson Island (Snuggle Cove) as a staging point for going south, back into Desolation Sound.  Depending on weather, we’ll either get there via Johnstone Straight in a day or two, or take the “back door” through the inlets over three or four days.  We’ll see.

In the mean time, here’s a couple pictures of our lovely hike (climb?!) to the Woss Lookout.

Getting there meant driving on a logging road AND crossing a train trestle. That one was a little nerve racking since it curved on the other side - not a lot of visibility.

The lookout is no longer in active use, but has been restored by the local community.

Ann up in the lookout.

Quite an impressive view.

One thought on “Leaving Port McNeiil

  1. Snuggle Cove, ahhhh… aren’t you two just a couple of lovebirds? 🙂

    I noted that the lookout cabin is tied down with a whole bunch of wires. I assume that’s cause they get some strong winds up there. Tell Ann her walking stick got in the way of some of the words on the explanatory sign. No fair hiding them.

    Choo, choo comin’ ’round the bend – Oh dear! So, did you know whether that track was being used? Just crossed your fingers and hoped? Whatever, it worked out you lucky dogs.

    Adventure on, adventure on sailors…..

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