Port McNeiil

So, we’re in Port McNeiil, stopping for a few days to resupply befor starting to “unwind” our trip back to Port Townsend. We’re going to take a month and a half now to get back, so we can revisit some of our favorite spots.

Tomorrow, we’re “borrowing” a car from one of the marina folks. A good deal-fifty Canadian dollars for the day-and we’ll see some of the area and do a hike to a supposed great view, etc. we’ll see. The main thing is to have a brief change of scene.

Yesterday, we drove the local marina car up to Port Hardy. It was fun, but a little strange driving after so many months of being away from the road.

More later.

One thought on “Port McNeiil

  1. OK, your land lubbers now. 🙂

    Enjoy your break from floating around. Great pics of the wildlife.

    Hey, did you hear that a 12 year old girl from the Bay Area won gold at the World Fly Casting Championships? Actually she tied with her teacher for gold. Her father got bronze. All are from SF area and practice at the SF casting pond.

    Adventure on, adventure on sailors……

    PS – just a reminder that you don’t have to tie the car to it’s parking spot or drop its anchor. It won’t drift off.

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