3 thoughts on “New Photos uploaded

  1. Okay, you two, I know you are in recovery mode from your interesting passage from Hawaii back to the mainland USofA, but those of us who have enjoyed our morning coffee with you on a daily basis are hoping for some updates. Please!!!!!!

  2. Hi Bob! Hope you and Ann are well. I thought you might like to know that you are never far from the minds of your sixth grade classmates. Just today, Ann (Johnson) Grandin wrote the following note. In response to her query, I directed her to this blog. (BTW, she and her husband have retired to Pensacola, so if you ever make it to the Gulf of Mexico, be sure to look her up.)

    And an interesting JM factoid: it was none other than our dear Bob Johnson across the street who introduced me to the word “marquetry” in the fall of 1979. He is quite the boat builder and cabinetmaker, veritable prince of exotic veneers. Where is Bob now, anyway? What sea, firth, or fjord is he enjoying?

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