Look Out! Holy Moly! (by Ann)

Position: 47 degrees, 26 minutes north; 137 degrees, 49 minutes west 123 nm day

Guess what? I had a night watch with a glorious moon and stars sprinkled all over! How I had missed them. I was set for a great watch. The winds had calmed enough to make it pretty comfortable 85% of the time. But when we rolled back and forth just enough the “Tayana River” would produce a new tributary. That is the water that rushes from one side of Charisma to the other through a hole in the cockpit combing. The net effect is that unless you notice the roll at the very start you are going to end up with a wet butt. Wet butt cold body. No bueno.

And then there were those rogue waves that come barreling across the water like a freight train, slam into the side of Charisma and leap up into the cockpit. But they are rogue and don’t happen THAT often. Because of these 15% occurrences I decided to “stand watch” last night. Literally, I stood in the companionway on the stairs and did my 360 lookout from there. If anything looked more interesting I would step out into the cockpit and study it further. Not much happened.

Until it did. And I think I need some research assistance here (JHamm?). At about 12:45 Hawaii time (we don’t change our clocks until we get into port…too confusing) I was standing looking forward when a spotlight lit up from behind. My first thought was that the moon had come out from behind some clouds but I quickly dismissed it when I recalled that the moon had set an hour earlier. I turned to see a light that looked bright enough to be a ship about to run us down directly behind us. LOOK OUT! And then it exploded and fizzled downward to the ocean with a green glow. HOLY MOLY! I was trembling.

What was that? Did any of you see it? Of course we were 600 miles off of the coast so maybe you missed it. No, I did not get visited by a small boat transporting little green people later, nor did Bob on his watch. I turned on the iNavix application on the iPad to see if an AIS signal from a passing ship would show up. Nada. It did not look like the meteors we had seen a week ago. It exploded and fizzled and was green.

I was still pondering this event when I woke Bob at 2 am for his watch. He laughed at my iNavix thought. I babbled non-stop for about 10 minutes…the pent up adrenalin pouring out of me. Poor Bob was still breaking through the sleep haze. Maybe he thinks he dreamed it.

Well, please let me know what research says. It was at 12:45am Hawaii Time at about 48 north latitude, 140 west longitude. Meanwhile it is so very nice to see the stars and moon and today, the sunshine again. It’s like reconnecting with old friends!

4 thoughts on “Look Out! Holy Moly! (by Ann)

  1. Ann,
    So glad the moon and stars accompanied you last night.
    You are so brave ! Keeping your wits about you and remembering the latitude, longitude and time of the event ! I am impressed. Did your research ever bring up anything?
    Joan and I chatted last night and the moon was up here too after a day of thunderstorms! Be safe.

  2. Hi Ann, Go check info on exploding stars. You can see them with the naked eye so maybe you were lucky enough to see one. See link below. I wonder if NASA has mention of it on their website – they do an image of the day thing.
    It would have been nice if you knew what it was. Then it would not have scared the hell out of you. Let me know if the images you check out turn out to be what you saw.

  3. There have been some meteorites making it thru the atmosphere. One landed in a front yard in Portland nod started the lan on fire. I bet it was a meteor

  4. Ann! So glad to hear your voice. It’s been so long I was wondering if you fell overboard and Captain Bob hadn’t noticed yet. Of course it would be you who could bring out the stars and moon. Your powers are amazing!

    I must admit I had never really envisioned sailing as a floating bathtub kind of experience. Especially a very cold one. I think you may have earned the Navy Seal “Nighttime Cold Wave” survival badge.

    About that UFO:
    Maybe it was some type of ship piloted by little green men.
    Maybe it was a hallucination induced by constant battering by cold water.
    Maybe it was a flare from a sub running on the surface that wanted a visual ID of your position.
    Maybe it was a Coast Guard cutter firing a flare to see if you were a drug runner.
    Maybe it was a meteorite striking the ocean.

    Your description sounds very much like a flare and it would be fun to think it was a sub checking you out. This website (http://www.meteorite-times.com/meteor-meteorite-news/) shows recent meteor strikes in Forks, WA (south side of strait leading to Victoria) and near Medford OR.

    I’m thinking it was a meteor and you should go back to where it landed to find the floating pot of gold. 🙂

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