Watermaker lesson

A quick post to note a lesson in watermaker 101.  After installing it, I wanted to run it as much as possible to see what would break BEFORE leaving for a year or more.  That meant running it in the Marina, since I don’t have time to leave the dock and go out into the Bay every couple of days.  I only ran it at very high tide, presumably when the water in the Marina was at its cleanest.  Well, it worked for a couple weeks, but this weekend I ran it and WHEW! stinky water.  Fortunately none went into the tank, I found it in the sampling water.  Rotten egg smell which means marine organisms are clogging (and dying) in the filter.  The water in the marina is just too still and warm and grows a lot of algae.   I immediately did a fresh water rinse (pushing tank water back through the filters instead of pulling salt water).  Smell gone.  Then pulled the main filter.  Filthy!  OK, removed and put a new one in.  No more watermaker in the marina.  Until we leave, I’m just going to do a 2 minute fresh water flush every five days, to keep the water from getting stagnant in the watermaker as recommended by the manufacturer.   Less than a month and we’re in the open ocean!

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