Greetings from Turtle Bay

December 2, 2010-27 Degrees 41 Minutes North, 114 Degrees 52 Minutes West

Back here again.  A beautiful spot.

Got in around 0400 this morning.  As soon as we were sure the anchor was secure, we crawled into our bunks and within a minute or two were sound asleep until the sound of a Mexican serenade woke us mid-morning.  For my part I thought I was dreaming until I heard a lilting; “Charisma (pronounced Mexican style; ‘Char_isma’), donde esta?”  That woke me up, but looking out the porthole I saw nothing. Still I heard; “Char_isma?”  I went up the companionway into the cockpit still looking for the voice and finally looking down in the water next to the boat saw Miguel, our new friend in his Kayak.  Or at least he voted himself our new friend.  He paddled all the way out to the boat and asked, could he come aboard for a cup of coffee.  Well, he was so nice, how could I resist.

So, we spent an hour or so chatting in English/Spanish with Miguel over some coffee.  Turns out he’s now our self-appointed guide of sorts.  His wife does laundry, so I gave him mine ($6).  I hope I see it again.  We’re supposed to meet him tomorrow on La Playa, a la Quattro (4PM) when it’s to be ready.  He drew a very complicated but fun map to show where to meet him (“right next to Refugio’s”).  I’ve already placed the hand made map in the picture frame in the main cabin it’s such a delight.  After coffee, he paddled off with my laundry secured in a garbage bag on his lap.  Later, when we went to the little town for some lunch, Miguel was waiting on the beach to escort us to Carlos and Mercedes’ restaurant.  I think he gets a meal for bringing the gringos because he got a plate of the same food we got and of course joined us in our meal.  Kind of like advertising only more charming.  Oh well.  He’s very nice.

Our sail here yesterday and last night was lovely as it could be.  The highlight was a night long meteor shower in the NE.  About five per minute, some of them scorching dramatic arcs across the sky.  How fun to watch.  It certainly makes the night watch go quickly.

As I was watching the meteors, I found myself staring at the Big Dipper, also in the NE.  My epiphany for the night:  The Big Dipper in the early morning hours forms a question mark for those who are still awake to see it.  Hmmm.


One thought on “Greetings from Turtle Bay

  1. I think that you are actually so far south that you are now upside down; and that’s why the picture wouldn’t flip. No problem on my end. Just copy it and photoshop it. Nice fuzz on your face. You guys keep enjoying yourselves but don’t “go pirate”. Happy holidays. BTW – I’m grilling steak tonite.

    blue skies & fair winds, jerry

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