In Whangarei

We’re now “upriver” in Whangarei where Charisma will wait out the tropical cyclone months until April or so.  In the mean time we’ll be traveling home for the holidays, then back for some South Island land touring again, then boat work and the “biggie”, sailing Charisma back across the Pacific to the U.S. starting in May.

So stay tuned for more adventure.  We’ll be back occasionally until February when we start traveling again and will post pictures of our travels.

(Also, I updated stories with pictures back to “Urupukupuku”)

3 thoughts on “In Whangarei

  1. Getting a front seat to watch the wolves of the sea hunt must have sent a few chills through you. Amazing experience.

    Once again some really great photos. The rainbow shot, the fog rolling in, the cool looking cloud formations; also captain Bob holding a boat by the mast and flopped flat on the ground. Beautiful places, wonderful experiences.

    Look forward to hearing the stories back in the Bay Area.

  2. so … you are back in NZ…when do the posts start up again??? missing my travel fix – I can only live vicariously…

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