Too Much Wind

We’re sitting here at anchor in Bahia Santa Maria because there’s too much wind outside.  This morning it was 20 gusting to 30+ knots (in our anchorage) right from the direction we need to go. That and reports of 8 foot seas has us comfortably staying at anchor waiting for more favorable conditions, which should be in a day or so.  Wednesday for sure, but if we feel it’s dropping before that, we’re ready to head out.

In the mean time, we’re a little bored.  It’s chilly now so no swimming and with waves in the bay being kicked up by the wind, a dinghy ride anywhere is virtually like swimming.  We’d get soaked.  So we’ve been just sitting on the boat all day.  Geoff’s been planning his around the world trip using my copy of Jimmy Cornell’s “World Cruising Routes” and now he’s practicing obscure knots from my knot book (he just yelled down down the hatch; “hey watch this, a figure 8 loop with three adjustable loops!!”).  He’s getting a crazed look in his eye, so soon I’m going to redirect his energies toward making some sushi.

We were watching the birds earlier (you know, we lead an exciting life here) and making up imaginary bird conversations:

(Two Pelicans talking)
“Whatcha doin’ today Pete?”
“Dunno Howard, it’s kinda windy, I think I’ll sit on this rock”
“Ah  Pete, I was thinkin’ we’d go eat some squid”
“Nope, I’m sittin’ on a rock”

And so it goes.

Geoff wrote down my quote for the day:  “Just because a tortilla’s crunchy doesn’t mean you should eat it”.  So take it from me folks, if you see a stale tortilla, fry it first, or better yet, get a fresh one.

Probably you had to be there, er, here.

I was up on deck reading earlier this afternoon but after too much sun, retired to the lounge (my quarterberth) and promptly fell asleep.

The good news is it’s almost Charisma time which should liven up an otherwise very uneventful day.  Then Wahoo for dinner.  In fact, Wahoo for dinner, lunch and breakfast.  We need to catch smaller fish.

That’s it folks.  Sometimes cruising gets a little bit sllloooowww.

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