Some Misc Passage Photos

Here’s a few photos to go along with the passage from Fiji to NZ

Anchored at Momi Bay enjoying a Charisma the night before we left.

We sailed within VHF range (20 miles) of Buena Vista for the first four or five days...

...these pictures were taken mid-day on day three... was blowing 20-25 knots and six to nine foot seas.

Further south the wind died down and turned southerly forcing us to the southwest.

Lighter winds allow the squalls to form. We dodged most of them using the radar to "see" which ones had heavy rain. Of course you could see this one did without the radar.

The one nice sunrise out of eight - this trip was pretty cloudy most of the way.

Land Ho. New Zealand after 8 days 10 hours, our fastest yet.

Preparing to enter the bay at Opua.

The marina at Opua

2 thoughts on “Some Misc Passage Photos

  1. Once again some really great pictures. Always a treat to see the images that go with the blog entries.

    Those trees look other worldly in the photos. Like something from when the dinosaurs roamed around. Incredibly massive. How would you contrast them with my fav tree, the redwood?

    A whole country of two lane roads. What a great idea! 🙂

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