The Ancient Kauri Forest

Thanks to our wonderful friends Carol and Jon from S/V Arnamentia who loaned us their car while they are back in Great Britain, we went on a north island road trip today. We drove over to the west side of the island (about 1 1/2 hour drive) to see the famous old growth kauri forest.

We drove from the east coast to the west coast in about 1 1/2 hours. Here's the Tasman Sea on the west coast.

The drive was pleasant along the ubiquitous two lane country roads that ARE New Zealand (there are almost no multi-lane roads here – such a pleasure) and it was wonderful to see the beautiful countryside again.

BUT, nothing could have prepared us for the breathtaking sight of 2000 year old kauri trees (think about it)! As we walked through a forest of giant trees, we came upon the oldest and largest kauri tree in NZ. It was something like 20 feet or more across! And it wasn’t just this one, we saw others that were almost that size. Words just won’t do to describe the trees, so I’ll leave you with a feeling that both Ann and I shared, but we didn’t realize it until we were back on Charisma and she said; “..I felt a presence about them…a power, they were so strong!” I felt exactly the same thing. I might add that I was humbled as well. So small and insignificant…

One of the "named" kauri trees.

The immensity of these trees is hard to capture, but this photo gives a small idea of how huge they are.

You can feel the power of this 2000 year old tree...

































From Ann – my favorite trees were the Four Sisters. Four incredibly large, tall trees from one root. How could I not think of the strength that sisters possess? We are women, hear us roar… And stand tall and strong, united. It made me miss my sisters and think of my beloved Denver neighbors, the Hutchinson girls. Strength, beauty, formidable spirit. What a day!

2 thoughts on “The Ancient Kauri Forest

  1. Hi Auntie Ann and Bob , We miss you and love reading about all of your adventures!! Cant wait to see you ! Sisters ?? xxoo Joan and Kate

  2. Amazing photos. The massive size of the trees must have been breath taking. Coast picture is beautiful. Thanks for filling in the visual gaps!

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