Dried Peas?

This blog is inspired by our conversation as Bob prepared dinner last night. Since we are a few days off of actually heading out I have not done the final fresh food provisioning. This makes our meals out here in Marsden, a marina two hours by boat out of Whangarei and closer to the ocean to leave, a bit more of a challenge. No running to the store for one needed ingredient.

So as Bob prepared a lovely fettuccine with prawns we pondered what vegetable we wanted to enjoy with it. And you guessed it we came up with dried peas! If you had told me a year ago that I would be looking forward to dried peas for dinner I would have laughed. But seriously, have you tasted canned peas?

In New Zealand I found Surprise dried Peas! And Surprise dried Beans! Rehydrate them and they rival frozen veggies. Consider the size of our freezer (4″ x 12″ x 8″) and you can get a better appreciation for the dried peas! Remember-our tiny freezer is half full of ice cube trays!

The other surprise food of New Zealand is canned tuna fish. I love tuna fish and we could eat it everyday for lunch. The issue in New Zealand is which flavor do you want? PLAIN in water please! That can be difficult to find. They have it flavored with everything from mayo to lemon pepper to chili pepper to smoked/barbecued and packed in oil. Truly, there are at least ten varieties on the shelf. I just want plain tuna, thank you.

They do the same with chicken. Just plain Kirkland chicken in the large can please.

But we adjust…

From Bob: my only add for today is that I managed to stab myself in the nose with a screwdriver! I was tucked down in the lazarette pulling on a hose with said screwdriver in hand and my hand slipped. Note to self- don’t hold the screwdriver with the sharp part facing you unless you want to seriously compete in a Twit Race. Oh well, now I can tell people Ann punched me!

Later in the day, I managed to burn my finger working on a new hand line for fishing. Don’t ask. I think I’m getting bored waiting for our weather window.

It’s been raining all day. It’s raining now at 1800. The only good thing about that is I have a Charisma in hand. 😉

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