We’re Still Here

We’re back in Echo Bay where there is at least marginal internets. We’re been in the wilds where even the shortwave couldn’t reach beyond the tall mountains. Can’t wait to be able to post some stories and pics. The highlights:

-Saw a pod of orca trap some salmon in a small cove. Watched them work the cove from about a hundred yards away. Wow! But the kicker was getting lucky enough to get a perfect, full orca breach. One pic shows the orca leaping clear or the water. The second shows it twisting to a full horizontal “belly shot”, but about five feet off the water. Yowsa!
-Had a 20 bear weekend. Yes, we were anchored in a tiny cove just 100 feet off the shore and watched 20 bears parade past Charisma over the two days, including one mama with three little fur-ball cubs.

Having an amazing time, will post more when we’re closer in a few days.

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