Shoal Bay

Just a quick note on Monday night. We got into Shoal Bay yesterday after a short jaunt up from our lovely spot at Handfield Cove. We trolled most of the way, but no luck on the salmon. Got here around 1300 – which was a good time as it was in between the rapids on either side of us, so some boats had left and the new group had not come yet. We slipped right in. There’s only room here for a dozen boats. After that it’s either side tie or anchor off. Anyway there’s a great and eclectic group at the dock and we’re really enjoying getting to know some of these folks who have been cruising up here for years. In many cases when you ask someone how long, they will say they’ve been doing this – coming up to Desolation/Broughtons for 15 or more years.

Here at Shoal Bay there is a tiny community of a dozen or so people. The run the “pub” where you can get a beer or glass of wine between about 4 and 8PM. As the season progresses they expand a bit and do a weekend pig roast and/or fire up the outdoor pizza oven, but this is basically a very tiny, family owned kind of stop.

Yesterday we went on a fairly monumental hike up to the overlook on the mountain above the pier. It should have been about 45 minutes up, but we overshoot the “Y” in the trail and proceeded about 45 minutes further up a very sketchy trail until we realized we had either gone waay too far, or didn’t care if we ever got there because the trail was so bad. We were as close to lost as I’ve been in a long while but worked our way back down to familiar territory, found the trail we missed and got to the overlook. Can’t wait to be able to post the pictures because the view across the sound and up the inlet to the glacier at the end is stunning.

So that’s where we stand. Hope to get some internet, but probably not too soon.

One thought on “Shoal Bay

  1. It’s great that you have hooked up with the old timers. Can’t beat getting pointers from those who have been there, done that. Usually it’s less painful to gain experience from other people’s trials.

    Glad you didn’t get yourself too lost. Looking forward to the pics.

    Adventure on, adventure on sailors….

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