The Foragers!

(Still no internets, so still on email via shortwave radio) That’s us today. We finally had some decent weather and moved from Wiatt Bay on Quadra Island. We left at 0630 to make the slack water at Upper Rapids. Even at slack, Charisma was being buffeted from side to side from the “boils” in the water. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them in a full keel boat in other that slack.

Anyway, on the way, we tried some fishing but had no luck. Rats! Looked like a canned chili beans night (which is not always a bad thing, but…) Our destination was 18 miles to Chameleon Bay off of Nodales Inlet. Once inside the bay, we found a lovely and very secluded spot just outside Handfield Cove. We’re tucked into a nice spot in about 25 feet of water right off a little point of land. Spectacular views and very protected from all but south wind (there’s none in the forecast).

First thing when we anchored was to get in the dinghy and set the crab trap using the salmon carcass from the fish we caught last week. It’s been frozen in a baggie and was in great shape (for a carcass!). Anyway, dropped that in 70 feet around 1300, then Ann made a nice lunch. We were both beat after getting up early for the last two days in anticipation of having to time the rapids, so after lunch Ann lay down and next thing I knew, she was snoring (a very gentle lady-like snore). I took the hint and got in my hammock and thus we held until 1500.

After our rejuvenating naps, it was time for a little exploring. Ashore we went. The first spot was a bust. No trail and dense underbrush. Time to retreat! Next we headed into the little cove at Handfield. After tying the dinghy to a rock, the first thing I saw was a cherry tree! Full of really, really ripe, very large cherries! Bonus! We emptied Ann’s water bottle and proceeded to fill it with beautiful, luscious, wild cherries. We also found another tree to perhaps plunder tomorrow.

Back on Charisma we grabbed a bucket, gloves and our “crab measurement device” to make sure if we were lucky enough to catch a crab we could ensure its legality. So….we pulled up the 70 feet of weighted line and….YES! Crab! Two legal red rock crabs. Whoo Hooo. Fresh food for dinner.

It’s a lot of prep to cook, clean and shell said crabs, but worth it. Fresh crab in crab omelettes and we are very happy campers. Now for the just picked wild cherries for dessert. We even found wild blueberries, but they were disappointing. Kind of mushy. We’ll keep trying those, but so far not so good. Now that my fingers are stained purple with cherry juice, I’m breaking out one of the cigars and the chocolate porter I brought to celebrate a good day. This has been one.

One thought on “The Foragers!

  1. Leading the good life I see. Naps, fresh crab, cherries, cigar, and chocolate porter. Dang, it don’t get much better than that.

    You sure you’re not on a cruise ship (and just pretending to be on a sailboat) enjoying the wilds of the great northwest?

    Adventure on, adventure on sailors (or cruisers)…

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