Day Two At Octopus Marine Park

(We’re still well out of cell contact, so again, this is posted via shortwave radio)

Hiked five miles (round trip), got up to Newton Lake and jumped in the cool water for a swim. Climbing back out onto the warm granite rock to dry off and warm up, we heard the soulful sound of a loon on the other side of the lake congratulating us on braving the cool mountain water.

And so it goes on day two in this quiet and lovely spot. We’re actually in Waiatt Bay adjacent to Octopus Marin Park, in the NE corner of Quadra Island, which is – if you’re trying to figure out where the heck we are – about halfway up the east side of Vancouver island across Johnstone Strait from Campbell River. At least I think, on a regular map that will show where we are. It’s a whole series of inlets in the area known as Desolation Sound.

Anyway…this morning, we had a nice calm day so we dropped the paddleboards in the water and paddled ½ mile or so up to the Octopus series of little coves – they call the little coves, “tentacles”. Gorgeous spot. We stopped by a couple of boats we have met along the way to say, “Hi”, but didn’t stay ’cause we were planning the afternoon hike to the lake for a swim. By the time we turned around to head back, a ten knot, gusting fifteen knot breeze had kicked up, fortunately to our advantage and we paddled downwind in the developing chop back to Charisma. Had some lunch and then we re-launched in the dinghy this time in the other direction to the end of Waiatt Bay to the trail up to Newton Lake. The hikes here are just beautiful through forests with 100 plus foot trees, ferns, moss you could just curl up and go to sleep in and lots of huckleberries! We always snack along the way.

So that’s our update. Clouds and rain came in this evening and it looks like rain through tomorrow, so we’ll likely stay put for another day at least. The weather here is very hard to predict. The forecasts by the weather service very rarely hold true for longer than 12 hours, so we check frequently, watch the barometer and cross our fingers. That has worked so far, but our next leg takes us north and west through what are known as Lower Rapids, Upper Rapids (we’re going to avoid that by going around an island that blocks it) and then a portion of Johnstone Strait. Johnstone Strait can be very rough and most everyone we talk to “whispers” about tiptoeing through the strait in very quiet weather. So…we’re looking for some very quiet weather to make our move.

Also just a side note: There’s another boat in the “neighborhood” named Finesterre. Ann butchers the name every time she tries to say it, so it has now become known as, “Fred Astair” I’m hoping to meet Ginger Rodgers, but, whatever…..

2 thoughts on “Day Two At Octopus Marine Park

  1. Loons! My fav bird. Coming from a northern Minnesota town on a lake I heard their mournful song and feel in love with it.

    So, there are no real octopi in Octopus Marine Park? It’s named for the many little coves?

    So all you need for the rapids is a Rapids Whisperer. I’m betting the First Mate will fill the bill nicely and calm the waters.

    A dancing boat, the Fred Astair. Cool.

    Adventure on, adventure on sailors…

  2. I love Loons !! Especially because they are in my blood!! just sounds wonderful! xoxo

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