Landfall in North America! (By Ann because she is still barely awake)

I think we would be pinching ourselves still if we were not so exhausted. We arrived at 6:30am local time… 3:30am local Charisma time.

We're here! 2600 miles up and over the Pacific High and into the Pacific Northwest. (The heavy dotted line is our planned course, the light one is our actual course)

Someone's very happy to see land.

Actually both of us are damn happy to be in!

Just inside Cape Flattery is Neah Bay where we stopped.

So happy to get in here to hold up between storms.

So, let's pop the Champagne...

...and toast a sometimes boring, sometimes fantastic and sometimes difficult trip!

Our new neighbors.


We tucked into an open slip in Neah Bay, tied up and shouted gleefully..not knowing the boat next to us was occupied. Oops. No worries, they were actually up and getting ready to move out so were happy to share our joy. Although on a trawler they had previously circumnavigated on a monohull so appreciated our feat.

Bob is sound asleep …deservedly so as he was up from 5pm to 3am through a very stressful night. I just went to scope out the facilities (not very impressive and the laundry is actually four blocks away…I will definitely need help getting three weeks of laundry there). Unfortunately AT&T does not exist up here and Internet is spotty. Oh well. Time to sleep and worry about all of that later!

We promise to give details on the last two days when better rested. Thanks for cheering us on!

8 thoughts on “Landfall in North America! (By Ann because she is still barely awake)

  1. Welcome to Canada!

    Better go get some of that Blue when you are able to navigate on land. Sleep well me hearties, sleep well.

    Dream on, dream on sailors….

  2. Correction – Welcome to America! Somehow I got the idea that you were headed for the northern side of the strait. Oops.

    Hey, there’s an Indian res about 3 miles south of you. Maybe gambling?! OK, back to sleep for y’all.

    Dream on, dream on sailors….

  3. Well done Ann, Bob and Charisma! You deserve a well-earned snooze followed by a big bottle of bubbly – Cheers!

  4. Congratulations on another well executed crossing and welcome back. Please give us a ring when you reach Victoria.

  5. Good going. Now fuel up and go to Port Angeles. Clean laundry room and facilities right at the ramp.

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