200 Miles To Go!

Position: 48 degrees, 21 minutes north; 127 degrees, 55 minutes west 148 nm day

Definitely still a couple hurdles though. Rain and fog are in the forecast.

Rainbow leading us to port.


And the wind is also forecast to drop. If it goes too low and we have to motor while still off the coast, fuel will become an issue. We’re down to what we need for the 50 miles down the Strait of Juan de Fuca, but not much more. Oh well, we’ll see.

The last 12 hours has been great sailing. Blue sky, blue water and plenty of wind from behind us, so fast going. Since late morning though the wind has swung in front of us (again!) and we’re now close hauled and trying to keep our course to the strait. The wind should lighten and back in the early morning, so cross fingers, but fog! Yuck! And right outside one of the busiest shipping channels on the west coast.

OK, the good part: last night the sky was almost completely cloud free and the moon came up just before sunset, affording us a stunning view of the almost full moon on one side and a beautiful sunset on the other. Ann had a cloud free watch and enjoyed infinite stars and a nearly full moon. She was one happy camper as I came up for my watch.

Such colors!


Today marks three weeks, twenty one days out of Hawaii. Whew, a long time. I’m very ready to be tied up to a nice, stable dock! We’re hoping for a Sunday afternoon arrival pending all the usual “what ifs” that arise to keep plans flexible.

5 thoughts on “200 Miles To Go!

  1. How exciting…you’re almost there! I will be thinking of you all day tomorrow…21 days is a very long time to be a tiny speck in the ocean!

  2. So, on the one hand, I’m anxious for you to navigate your way through fog and busy shipping lanes and finally make your destination — safe and sound. On the other, I will definitely miss reading your daily adventures (although admittedly this past week I’ve had to “catch up” because my mornings have been rushed). And I will also miss reading jham’s clever comments on your adventures.
    So, as you approach the end of this most fabulous journey, let me take this opportunity to tell you “thanks” for coloring my world with beautiful, and sometimes a bit nail-biting, images of the forces of nature. It has truly been a blast!

  3. If fuel becomes an issue, you can get diesel at the Makah Marina in Neah Bay; you can’t clear in there, but the Indians won’t care if all you do is get fuel and push on.

  4. I was looking at the gorgeous moon last night and thinking of you guys also gazing at it. Here it was a mysterious moon with wispy tendrils of fog across it’s face. Very dramatic.

    A half a day of great sailing weather. That’s a nice treat at the end of a long three weeks. Plus the bonus of when the First Mate is happy the boat is happy.

    You know the saying in flying about making the number of landings equal takeoffs; well just make the fuel equal the number of days to make port and all should go well. 🙂

    Sail on, sail on sailors….

  5. We’re cheering you all on during this final stretch of your voyage. Somehow, knowing you all are out there on the ocean that we visited this afternoon on a walk, makes your blog posts come even more alive. Hopefully the full moon is shining on you now as I write and tomorrow’s fog will be of the high and light variety, rather than the pea soup special. We still have the feeling of the sea in our bones, and the kiss of the sun on our faces, after another magical summer cruise down the California coast. We’re counting the months until our hoped for departure for a South Pacific cruise, and we’re learning everything we can from your journeys there and back.
    If you are sailing down to SF Bay after resting up after your passage, please know that we’d be delighted to host you in Arcata (15 minutes from Eureka) if you decide to hop down the coast.
    With wishes for a safe ending to an extraordinary journey,
    Kim (and Mark) of Anthea, Swan 41, Berkeley Marina (boat home) and home ashore in Arcata

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