Why We Love Whangarei

A short note to glorify a wonderful little town that we have enjoyed living in the last three summers (since we’re “down under” that would be roughly December through April).

So nice to wake up on Saturday morning, grab a quick “wake up” cup of coffee and head out to the Farmers Market.  Once there a “flat white” to further caffinate and then buy our weekly goods: artisan cheese, local butchered skirt steak for Sunday BBQ, and whatever vegetables and fruits look good.  We know most of the vendors by now, so pleasantries are exchanged and as we know a lot of the locals as well, we chat folks up while we’re selecting our produce for the week.

Then back to Charisma, but wait!  This week is the craft fair on the bridge.  We stop there for an authentic Cornish Pastie and another coffee which gives us an excuse to sit down and enjoy listening to Andy – who sang at our wedding – entertain all the craft fair goers.  His huge pit bull-like doggie lays happily snoozing on her bed at his feet and his guitar case is open for a donation or two.  His voice and guitar work are so lovely I really don’t know why he isn’t famous, but he’s very happy singing at these local events.

Walking across the bridge, we check out the crafts – always some fun stuff to look at – then 10 minutes more and we’re back to Charisma.

Once back, we can hear music on the other side of the river from where we’re docked.  Hmmm, another event?  We decide to walk down-river the other way to the south bridge and then up to where the music is coming from.  Half an hour later, we’re at the event.  It’s a celebration of the People of the South Pacific.  There’s lots of singing, dancing, drumming and fun!  We hang there for a while then decide to continue the “loop” back to Charisma as we have stuff to do.

On the way back what do we hear, but more music.  This time we’re in luck (again)!  There’s a Dixieland band playing in a gazebo right along the dock at the main marina and there’s an ice cream shop next store!!

So, ice cream in hand, we grab a nearby park bench and sit and enjoy some good Dixieland, sunshine and people-watching.

Ice cream finished, it’s time to go back to Charisma.  Today’s score: Farmer’s market, Andy’s music, craft fair, South Pacific fair, ice cream and Dixieland band combined with a beautiful blue sky warm day, all walking/no car and it’s not even noon yet.  Yeah, that’s why we like Whangarei.

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