Tuesday, 12/14-Back Through The Gate

After two months and over 3200 miles, we made it back under the Golden Gate bridge just at “sun-up”, which was around 0700.  I put that in quotes since it was raining and cloudy and we didn’t actually “see” the sun.  Almost didn’t see the bridge either since it was alternately cloudy and foggy.  A bit stressful coming in the last 20 miles or so with all the shipping traffic trying to get the same place as we were in the rain/fog.  

The oil pump issue we had off Santa Cruz/Monterey never became a problem.  After throttling down at first, then shutting down for a few minutes while I added some fresh oil, we started back up, saw full pressure and took off.  The pressure didn’t waver after that.  In looking it up later, I’m thinking it might have been either a pressure sensor “hickup” or low oil viscosity.  The oil had almost 200 hours on it and we had been running non-stop since Santa Barbara (about 40 hours).  Maybe the quart of fresh oil helped bump up the viscosity.  Anyway, I’m going to change the oil and filters and watch it carefully for a while.

So for now, signing off, but already getting ready for next year, so stay tuned for updates, new “local” adventures and planning for the “year plus” trip.  Next year: Baja, then Mexico and then the South Seas.  I’ve already got a three page list of stuff to do before then to get ready, so I imagine the time will pass fairly quickly.

Also, a big THANK YOU for everyone who has been following this blog.  Hearing your thoughts and getting your feedback has been awesome.  Thanks so much!

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