OK, I just like to say that.

We’re in the Bay of Islands, out of Paihia at Urapukapuka Island, anchored in about 13 feet of water depending on the tide. It’s just beautiful here. We literally spent the whole day today hiking the island. We probably walked nine miles on the various loops here. It’s a nature reserve so there’s no development and at the windward end of the island, high up on the cliffs is the remains of an ancient Maori settlement. Not much to see except for some level areas where they built their huts and some indentations in the ground where they stored kumara (a NZ version of our sweet potato).

Charisma tucked into a cove at Urapukupuku island.

My new anchoring technique - just drop her in!

Anchored in about 13 feet, you can see where the grassy part turns to sand.

Rugged island coastline.

A little post-hike snooze in the deep grass.

We had a most amazing sunset. It started raining a little and then a full rainbow came out right at sunset that went from one side of the bay to the other. It lasted for over a half an hour. Just amazing! Can’t wait to get some internet to post pictures.


So that’s our day. Tomorrow, we’re going to try and dive for scallops. At the very least I’m going to change the zinc on the prop shaft. The water is pretty clear here – although quite cold. I’m definitely going to use my wetsuit. I remember doing it last year and freezing my butt off! But last year I did not think I needed the wetsuit. This year I am prepared!

So, we’re using the shortwave to post this. Out of internet range until probably Thursday or Friday. It’s nice and peaceful that way although we do miss being “in touch”. Ann especially misses watching the updates on YIT.CO.NZ showing the progress of our friends still on passage. Sometimes we can hear them check in with NZ Maritime as they get close! Yay! Love it when a safe passage is completed.

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  1. So, I’m a bit behind in blog reading……(I recently came out of “retirement” and started working again). But being “behind” has it’s advantages. The photos are posted along with the story and I have to say — amazing!! The rainbow picture is just incredible. However, I long wondered if there’s a little Photoshopping going on with the photos — they are so perfect. Bob’s illustration of the “new anchoring technique” adds to my suspicion. (Okay, just kidding. What a cool shot!) Love the stories and the pictures are stunning.

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