A Little Hike

Ann tricked me into a hike today.

Not that I exactly didn’t WANT to do one.  I had planned to install a new radio remote in the cockpit.  Our fancy ICOM “waterproof” VHF remote failed due to water incursion and corrosion.  The new radio came up from Auckland by courier but it didn’t have all the parts in the box, so I couldn’t install it.  So, tomorrow…sigh.

In the mean time we decided to go into Kerikeri to stock up.  We’re leaving tomorrow mid-day.  First out to the Bay of Islands, then down the coast.  We’ll probably be about a week to get down to Whangarei.  Anyway, as we got into Kerikeri Ann says, “Let’s just go down to Rewa and The Stone House, I’ve heard there are blue penguins there”.  OK, I’m game.  We headed a couple miles past town and Ann said, “Turn in here”.  We turn into a parking lot, parked and got out of the car.  She walked directly over to a trail head and said, “Oh look, there’s a nice little hike up to a waterfall!”


Ann said a little birdie told her where we should go...

Anyway, it was a nice hike and we DID need to get off the boat and out hiking.  So a nice 2 hour round trip, a couple waterfalls and we were back to the car.  Then shopping for food.

Not a bad day.

The first waterfall on the hike.

This is the named waterfall on the hike. Rainbow Falls. Actually both were quite beautiful.

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