A Nice Sunday

One of the fun things about being at Riverside Marina is the Sunday night BBQ.

Everyone who is living on a boat in the marina or the boatyard shows up as do a few other folks who know about the secret. It’s just a good time. There were probably 25-30 folks present from more than a half a dozen different countries, all up for some camaraderie. The deal is – you bring your own main course to BBQ as well as a shared dish. We BBQ’d fresh corn in the husk from the Saturday Farmer’s Market and I made turkey soup that we shared. Ann also made her famous chocolate brownies. There were a lot of “oohs” and “ahhhs” when she showed up with the still warm brownie dish.

Afterwards we retired to Charisma and had a game of cards with Ken and Beth from Eagle’s Wings. Aside from being severely beaten (but not at all bitter) I am very embarrassed to say that Beth exposed herself at a particularly emotional part of the game as she was beginning to lose her (substantial) lead. It was, I’m sure, a very stressful moment as she watched her lead dwindle to a bare few points. Did I say “bare”? Well it was a close call. Bob gave her the dreaded tattoo “mana” by pulling up his sleeve and showing the magic Tiki on his arm to jinx Beth’s game. Beth, not a shrinking violet in any case, lept to her feet, ripped her shirt apart at the buttons with both hands pulling at each side, shouting something like; “Well, take that big boy!”.

Looking across the table in disbelief I noticed that Ken (her husband) had closed his eyes tightly in shock not yet completely comprehending the chaos that may have ensued. However, and much to the relief of all concerned, Beth (the aforementioned almost stripper) in fact had another shirt on under the one that she so wantonly pulled out to its furthest extent.

All present were greatly relieved by the concept of layers to provide warmth and as it turns out protection from exposure. Too much giggling by all…

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