Message In A Bottle: Found!

We received a most amazing email today as we got back into Savusavu and Internet access. It was from a man who was relaying the discovery of a bottle we threw over side as we crossed the equator last year (April, 2012). It was a whimsical conclusion to our equator crossing ceremony. As we finished our bottle of champagne to celebrate we decided to put our boat card with personal info about us, contact info and a little note. Little did we really think it would ever be found, much less that it would show up a year later, over 5000 miles from where we dropped it and within 150 miles of where we are right at this minute. Amazing and a little bit fantastic.

I’ll let the content of the email speak for itself:

“Hi Ann and Bob. My name is Vani and I live in San Rafael; California. I called home to my family in Fiji and they told me that they found your letter that you sent in a bottle when you crossed the equator last year on April 12th. Well they found your letter on our island in the the Fiji grp. on 9th July(a few days ago). Inside the letter were your names and other infos…my brother read the contents of your letter to me and asked me to inform you guys on their behalf as they dont have access to the internet on our outer lying island in the Fiji Group. The name of our island is Nairai Is…one of the smaller islands in the Lomaiviti Group.

(He then was able to quote the contents of the note which came from something my sister had sent us that we like.)

‘The difference between adventure and ordeal is attitude’… I love that and do admire your courage and sense of adventure.”

All we could do when we received this email was say WOW! You dream about launching a bottle and having it show up in some faraway exotic spot, but to have it actually happen is amazing. And to have it arrive at almost the same place at which we have now-a year later-arrived is breathtaking. Needless to say we’re following up and may possibly be able to visit this family. Turns out they are about 150 miles south of Savusavu which is our present location. It is also on the way toward Suva where we intend to go in the next month. So, stay tuned on this one. We hope to have some follow up on the folks who discovered our message in a bottle and hopefully actually meet them in their village-over 5000 miles from where we fancifully dropped it in the water.

4 thoughts on “Message In A Bottle: Found!

  1. Love it! This is quite an amazing story. I hope you are able to meet them and all take a photo together with the bottle! That would be so cool!

  2. Incredible. The amazing stories of your adventure just keep coming. It really is a small world after all.

  3. Wow is right! I glad the marlin got away…your gift was the green flash! so cool! xxoo J

  4. Hello again Ann and Bob. I had just contacted my folks in Lawaki Village on Nairai Island and they are quite excited to meet up with you guys should you wish to drop by on your way to Suva. Good luck and Happy Sailing..!!!

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