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I’ve attached a few miscellaneous photos below as we get ready to leave Savusavu.

There’s a weather window coming up that brings unusual North winds for a couple days.  We’re going to take advantage of it to head southeast to the farthest of the southern Lau Group.  The Lau is supposed to be a true paradise, but few visit because from here (where you have to check into the country) it is a 180 mile upwind slog against the trade winds.   Hopefully with this window, we can cover the miles going downwind and then when the trades fill back in use them to ride northwest through the Lau back towards Fiji.  If this goes as planned, we’ll be out at least a month.  Stay tuned.  We plan to leave tomorrow sometime.

In the meantime a few pictures.

Charisma (in the middle) on her mooring just off town

Ann's finished sewing the stays'l with a more permanent and proper color patch

We went for a hike. This is the suburb of Savusavu

Walking down the street, couldn't resist taking this little girl's picture.

Good thing I noticed this. The Monitor steering line was frayed almost all the way through. Hard to see because it was at the turning block that goes inside the tubing.

They have the darndest labels in the stores

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