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We’ve added pictures to the blog going back to 5/20/13 when we left NZ. ┬áDon’t forget to clear your browser history/cache or you may not see the pages with the new pictures.

In the mean time, here are some other pictures that I like that don’t fit the “story” on the blog

Here's a view up river from when Ann went up the mast

View from the top of the mast

I even got in on the mast climbing "fun" to go up and check the spreader brackets. In a picture Ann took from there, it look like the welds were cracked. They weren't-just dirt.

I couldn't help but buy this beautiful Kava bowl. It's about two feet across. Don't know how we're going to get it home, but the carving was so pretty I couldn't help it

Speaking of Kava, here's the shop where it's ground for "mass" consumption. On the outer islands, they do it all by hand

Here's the machine that pounds it up. You're walking outside and you hear this amazing synchopated beat and you just have to investigate!

And of course this story wouldn't be complete without this picture of Ann drinking Kava at the Rugby game.

Yesterday we heard this beautiful singing. We looked outside and it was a baptism in the river

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