No Boat Work

First time in FIVE WEEKS we didn’t do any boat work.  The first time I’ve been off the boat. (OK, full disclosure: while I’ve been doing a LOT of the work since I have more experience-Ann has been doing an equal amount of the more thankless work like taping for the varnish, removing the tape, and today she oiled the teak in the cockpit not to even mention the HUGE job of polishing the hull-which I never want to do again after having done it some years ago…)

So to celebrate our “non-boatwork day” Ann took me on a “walk” to Whangarei Falls. Maybe we should call it the Death March.  I haven’t been doing any labor other than boatwork for so long that a FIVE HOUR walk up the river to the falls should qualify as a death march!  Right!?

So, there are some pictures.  (I have to say it was SO nice to not have a single boat project to work on today.

The start of the Death March, er, ummmm, hike up to the falls.

Fording the river on the suspension bridge

We're almost there....

Ta Da! We made it!

It was really quite impressive and worth the trip.

Very impressive

So…amazingly nice to get away from boat work for a day for the two of us.  We have been working way too hard and it was a really nice treat.

Now we’re on to some new and hopefully more fun projects.

On another subject: we bought our wedding rings yesterday.  You’ll have to wait to see them (until April 13).  Ann is honing in on a wedding dress as well.  We also found a delightful singer at the farmer’s market and we’re researching him…More to come.



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